Monday, May 31, 2010

to Enviroment, Health, Society (EHS) Department

We transferred to Enviroment, Health, Society (EHS) Department under Pn Azura( Head of EHS) supervision. First we divide to several group and given respective assignment. Assignment assigned to me is updating register of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). After updating all the register, we had a meeting with all section head to re-check the task.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Generators Battery Inspection

Checking on GT3 ,GT4 DAN GT5 batteries. Then we also inspected battery at Black Start Diesel Generator (BSDG) and adminstartion building. The main function of the batteries is to give energy source when occurence of blackout. That batteries can generate until

Checking procedure:

Battery water = 1.16 SG
Voltage across between battery = 1.3V ~ 1.5V

Sunday, April 25, 2010

[ 19 April 2010 ~ 23 April 2010 ]

19 April 2010 & 20 April 2010

Followed Mr Narasid and Mr. Amar do some checking and troubleshoot at store next to Central Control Room to identify which lamp damaged since all the lamp there not working. The checking only take about half an hour and we found the damage lamp. After that we went to CCR to take 'petunjuk' to read the SAG single line diagram.Today's job was not much different from yesterday. In the morning we do audit things at electrical laboratory lead by Mr. Sharizan. After that, do some checking and maintenance (change the bulb and correct the lamp angle) to the light pole ( pole 32,34 and 29) which are locate around the power station.( Sambil2 melawat2 kawasan stesen)

21 April 2010

I was involved in a fire drill rehearsal in preparation for the next day (22 April 2010). I was assigned as cameraman. We were briefed at CCR. First all the person involved and in charge held a meeting at CCR (Central Control Room). At 11.30 the fire drill rehearsal start. Even look easy to be a cameraman, but the truth is, this job very tired because had to get there, ran here, there, and here to take pictures. Penat2!

22 April 2010

Fire drill day!! About 10 a.m Mr. Muaz, Head of Cameramen for today ask and assign me to take photos and video from start to the end of the programme. The programme start at 10.30. Apart fire fighter and first aid from Putrajaya Power Station, is also involved firefighters from Fire Station Putrajaya and Putrajaya Hospital. Here some pictures of the event:

The programme end at 12 p.m
After had our lunch, Mr. Reeza (Electrical engineer) see us ask electrical trainees to renew and cantik2kan EC&I (Electrical, Control & Instrumentation) notice board because all the department board here will be evaluate and the top 5 winner will get mybe hamper or money but based on Mr. Reeza he say the 1st prize is RM200.

23 April 2010

SHEQ month closing ceremony. The closing ceremony officiated by Putrajaya Power Station GM Ir Chow Kok Meng and give the prizes to all the winners (Sijil Penghargaan from Ministry of Health Malaysia to all blood doner, Biggest loser competition, Department notice board competition and Lucky draw). Among the 25 participants we manage to get fifth place in the most beautiful department notice board competition and the prize is RM100 carrefour bouncer. Haha.. So fortunate and good enough as we decorate the board using only recycle goods..Awesome!